The “Ashy Bines” Controversy – Does it work, or is it a scam?

I may be bias here, so excuse my rather one sided stance on this issue.

I have tried everything to lose weight, I have always been big.. I have done the shake diet, the juice diet, the soup diet, the appetite suppressant diet, the smoking diet (I made this one up myself – basically just smoking and not eating!)…. Everything.

I used to think that a 30 minute circuit routine at ‘Curves’ was doing great things to me, I used to also think a stroll around the block for 30 minutes would get me into shape.

Now, dont get me wrong – I have only been doing the ‘Ashy Bines Clean Eating Plan’ for about 3 weeks now, so I cannot attribute all my successes to her as I had lost about 22kgs before I started her plan.  However, I have been reading the articles and seeing all the “Hater” groups pop up all over facebook, and this is all I have to say…..

Ashy’s plan is NOT rocket science, it is simple clean foods suggested to you by her, I dont believe that she is a qualified nutritionist but all you have to do is take a look at her banging body and realise shes probably pretty in tune with what she is talking about.

I brought her plan – my one complaint would be its lack of professional layout, it cost $49 for two downloadable files.  The files had not been proofread, the english was really poor and there were alot of spelling errors, however – I am a stickler for spelling so it probably didnt bother that many other people.  I would have thought that perhaps for $49 they might be a printed document, binded and posted.  But, I did that myself.

I have read through the plan once, and my initial reaction to most of it was “Duh” – but I did learn a fair few things I didn’t know.

The plan is motivating, and helps you realise that you can’t just pick up a block of chocolate and eat it, it makes you think about everything – even down to putting a half a teaspoon of sugar in your coffee!

The most worthwhile part of the plan was access to the closed facebook forum, with 20,000 + members, you get your odd bitch – but most of the girls are beautiful, motivating women who are all there for the same reason, so the bond and instant connection between everyone is amazing.   Recipes are shared, progress photos are shared and people are answering and asking questions and making suggestions to other forum members.  I do agree that the group is poorly moderated, but it dosnt bother me like it bothers some.

Today I shared my 30kg progress pic – and honestly, the response to it was astounding.  The pic (which is the one I shared yesterday with readers) has been up for about an hour now – there has been 50+ likes and comments.  Beautiful comments from girls congratulating me, telling me I am their motivation, wanting to know my routine…. THAT is what I love about the blog.  The interraction with strong, like minded wonderful women!

I have lost a fair few kilos since I started the clean eating plan, so in NO way am I going to bag it.  I dont think it is a scam, I think those people calling it a scam are people that havent had the willpower to stick to it, or have cheated on it and therefore have seen no results.

I understand the other side, about the lack of knowledge and professionalism – perhaps I just dont take that all too seriously, like some? I think if you are smart about what you eat, interract properly in the forum, and exercise then you will have results.  I think you will find things that work for you – make your own alterations and NOT stick to everything the plan suggests, as I just dont think thats possible, you have to find out what works for you!

What are your thoughts?   What have your experiences been on the program – good or bad, all feedback is welcome!


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59 thoughts on “The “Ashy Bines” Controversy – Does it work, or is it a scam?

  1. Well she now charges $69, you cant question her or the plan or you get blocked. A must say girls are getting results but its not because of ashy its clean eating which has been around for years.
    I saved my money and looked for answers online.
    Im glad I did.
    It has also been brought to attention that she is conducting business illegaly without an ABN until 04/2012.
    Charging for access to a FB forum is also illegal not to mention advising pregnant and breast feeding women to part take.

    This is just anonther passing fad – not to mentinon a legal case waiting to happen!!
    The ACCC and ATO were quite interested in her dealings when i rang to advise what i believe is a SCAM.

  2. Also alot of womenon the WASTE forum have lost weight – they arent knocking clean eating their issues are with Ashys way of running a business – people not recieved their packs, women been charged multiple times. To insinuate they are only upset due to failure is small minded and questionable considering she is also on scam watch!!!

  3. I completely agree, although some things about it are poor it’s still a great program. I paid $69 + GST and I am completely happy with my decision. I already knew about clean eating and practically everything in the plan but paying for it is what got me motivated to actually do it. Also Ashys plan is a bit stricter than the usual clean eating which still sometimes use wholemeal flour etc.

    Most/if not all of the people who are bitching and whinging about the plan on that waste of money page are just people who have done something against the rules (which are clearly stated) and have therefore been deleted. There are rules there for a reason and if they didn’t abide by their own rules i’m sure people would get even more pissed off. They didn’t get ‘blocked for no reason’ but obviously they’re going to say that because they’re not going to say – I said shit about it and I got blocked because then they’d get no sympathy.

    Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding are certainly able to buy the guide but as with everyone they need to adjust it to themselves. I adjust it to how I want it and it works great. I have lost over 30cm in the past few weeks with little to no exercise and no supplements. She is also not charging for a Facebook forum, she is charging for the plan and the forum is an “added bonus”.

    Yes they aren’t perfect and they probably need a lesson or two in running a business but the immaturity and pathetic nature of that waste of money page is just laughable! They have even illegally posted the plan which the terms and conditions on ashys page clearly states is illegal to distribute.

    I am aware the plan can be found for free but to be honest if I got the plan for free I wouldn’t have stuck to it. So everyone reading – it’s definitely worth the money even if you’re a poor uni student like me :)

  4. Whoever is reading this, please PLEASE do not buy this plan. This is a definite scam and not worth your money.. the plan is now online anyway so you are not buying anything substantial. I am horrified at how many people this has effected negatively. It is poor advice and a badly run business. If you have to buy, have a look at ‘Ashy Bines = Waste of money’ on Facebook.
    It shows the truth about this scam.

    It’s been reported to A Current Affair. Can’t wait to see them running from the cameras.

    • Ashy avoided an interview with A current affair on last nights episode (3rd July 2012)… So it seems she is already running away, avoiding being exploded of the truth. I’m thankful I didn’t buy the plan, as I spoke to numerous girls who did and they gave me the plan and I was shocked to see that the information that was provided was either common sense or what you could of just done a easy google search… I feel remorse for the girls who bought this plan and were ever so disappointed and so they should be! I think this is an eye opener for people… Yes some people are going to get results from things, and I understand not everything works for everyone but if you are promised certain things and get nothing in return you deserve a refund! Bad business running here, lack of compassion and respect!

      • She didn’t do an interview with A current affair because she did one with Today Tonight instead.

  5. I have seen a copy of her eating plan and there are so many spelling mistakes. She is to greedy to pay someone to proof read it. I didn’t pay for it, a friend gave it to me. I think to pay for an eating plan is crap as its common knowledge to eat right in the first place and drink water. Why pay $70 for something that we all should know!!!! And if you paid GST for the plan i would be mad as i heard she didnt register the business until April this year. Where is all this money going? Her new car? Her holidays every few months overseas? Shopping? Her diamonds? I think she should of thought this out more before doing it!

    • Why would you need to be given such ‘common knowledge’ from a friend who paid? Why are you so ‘pissed off’ if you never paid a cent for it? I think Ashy should be ‘pissed off’ seeing as you have ripped her off!

    • Before one goes throwing the ‘ill grammar’ shoe at another, one should check their own entries.
      “She is to greedy to pay someone to proof read it.” – Perhaps you meant TOO greedy. It’s interesting that you should pick up on her spelling mistakes though =)

      • Yet this person isn’t mass producing and selling their comment are they……

        Idiots inferring others are idiots.

        Ashy has faded away thank God.
        As has the ashy bots…….

      • Exactly Tenhae. Sam, dont need to be a grammar nazi, its just a blog. If “pissed of person” was running a million dollar business selling products and services, I’m sure she wouldn’t be as blonde as Ashy.

  6. So Happy Customer, you already knew about clean eating and the only reason you stuck to it was because you bought that same information you already knew in an unprofessional, plagiarised, poorly spelt PDF document? The only way you could access the forum is when you buy the plan they send you a link. It is a closed facebook forum and that is the only way you get access. I am also a breast feeding mother and when I bought the plan the FAQ’s on the clean eating website stated that the plan was ok for a pregnant or breast feeding mother. It said to not take the supplements and to see my doctor. They also advertised 24/7 support so I bought the plan. I was emailed the PDF document and was quire shocked at all the spelling mistakes and the total lack of professionalism in the layout, I then knew I had been scammed. It was not copyrighted and looked like a google, cut and paste job. There are multiple other forums, website and facebook pages giving out that info for FREE! There was also a link to get access to the forum which was the selling point to me. When I went on there I was alarmed to say the least! I was lead to believe that there were professionals giving correct advice about nutrition and exercise. The other members are supportive however some of the advice and “support” being given was very incorrect and dangerous. I also witnessed Ashy Bines herself telling women to stop taking their meds for depression!! There is physical proof and screen shots of SO MUCH illegal and dangerous activity by Ashy Bines, Steve Evans and the admin of the forum as well. Whilst I had access to the forum I saw some great stories and photo’s of women who had had success, however clean eating will do that for most people. The clean eating website also stated I could “interact with Ashy Bines” on the forum, this was not the case at all and when she was asked something, she would tell women to “google it babe” or “jump on google”. Most likely because she had NO IDEA what the answer was. There were many “admin” none of which are qualified in nutrition, and only 2 of them were PT’s. They were answering questions relating to nutrition amd about whether or not it was ok for all kinds of medical conditions, giving nutritional advice when none of them were clearly qualified to do. After being on the forum for a few days I went to my doctor and he advised me that I should not follow it. He said I need to eat WAY more fruit and veg, dairy and carbs hence I would not be able to follow the guidelines in the eating plan. I went on the forum I tried to let other women know they should check with their doctor. Especially because there were MANY pregnant women doing this clean eating. And my comments were deleted. There is also screen shots of them telling this to women on the forum. I just could not bear to know about someone potentially harming their baby or themselves because of the unprofessional, unqualified advice. So I removed myself from the forum. I asked for a refund via paypal because I was not able to use the plan and did not have access to the forum and longer and they refused it. The clean eating website stated that you have “lifetime” support via the forum, and even though I no longer had access to that and could not follow the guidelines they are not refunding my money. It has nothing to do with what worked or didn’t work, or being jealous of someone as fake and done up as her. I am entitled to complain about a “product” (and I use the term loosely) and I am also entitled to a refund. I strongly suggest you do research before buying. She has pocketed over $1.3 million dollars from that PDF docutment alone. She has also been caught out plagiarising an Australian motivational speaker called Craig Harper. I received 2 emails and when I posted the text into google it was a BLATANT copy of his work, word for word! They have recently changed the FAQ’s and it now states it is not ok for pregnant women…. however, there is proof of all the previous information so if you are thinking of buying I would see this page first

      You are all obviously so stupid that you don’t even know the meaning of the word ‘scam’
      Oh my god so many stupid people on here that it’s actually quite hilarious!

      GET OVER IT!

      Michelle Bridges has a diet plan too which costs a lot more than this one and she isn’t a nutritionist she’s a personal trainer who’s qualifications expired a long time ago.
      Don’t believe everything you read on the scam page as 90% of it is FAKE! They have copy and pasted stuff from different conversations to make Ashy and her team look bad.

      This is a joke, people are so stupid that it’s hilarious!! Everything in weight watchers can be found on google, everything in michelle bridges plan can be found on google. This is ASHYS eating plan, it’s what SHE eats. She NEVER claimed to be a nutritionist and it’s your fault if you assumed she was. Weight watchers costs $79 plus $30 EVERY MONTH! And all you get is a forum and information you can find online but I don’t see so many people getting worked up over that!!!!



      You really think posting on this is going to stop people buying the plan? Of course it will stop some, but the truth is that Ashy is VERY successful and probably a lot more successful than any of you. She is more than likely going to continue being successful so you should probably just get over it because saying negative things on a blog is not going to stop her success :)

      • Ok I don’t really know the whole story, nor do I really wish to but its pretty easy to get the jist. I just wanted to correct you on something that you perhaps don’t know much of and have decided to use as your argument…. Which kind of made me giggle when I read “THINK BEFORE YOU START SAYING SHIT”. You mention Michelle Bridges not being a nutritionist and you have decided to bring her diet plan up.
        First things first, its a lifestyle choice NOT a bloody diet.
        The thing is, that with Michelle’s plan she has a team of qualified staff in all areas that are backing her. The nutrition side is with the guidance of a qualified nutritionist (who is also on the forums for advice). She offers week to week training and meal plans and has a crew of support staff who are constantly working through the forums!!! The payment for her plan etc may be steep but after seeing the hype on this one, It’s pretty clear the money’s worth it.
        I could go on and on but I just wanted to rectify your mistake and make you aware that you should probably get more information to back it up before bringing in other parties to help support your argument…. I’m not going to slag this thing off, when I don’t know the full story (and that’s something you could maybe learn from?!).
        Good luck with this healthy lifestyle girls, wherever you choose to take it all.

      • Well I just want to correct you on something that you perhaps don’t know much about. Ashy actually has 2 qualified nutritionists on her team that has approved the plan and is standing by it which most people don’t seem to care about. 1 of them is a personal trainer with a certificate in nutrition and the other has more qualifications. I just wanted to rectify your mistake and make you aware that you should probably get more information to back it up before trying to argue.

      • Whether it works or not doesn’t determine whether or not it is a scam. Ashy has poorly executed her business setup from the get go. Unless it can be proven that there were no packs to send out upon receipt of payment or that the information in her guide is plagiarized from other sources then it isn’t a scam, it’s simply a case of bad business management. Congrats to those who have committed to clean eating and a healthy lifestyle, who are benefitting from the commitment. If you’re happy then who cares what other people think of it. I didn’t take up the program because I wouldn’t learn anything new and I believe it is not value for money.

      • Oh Shut up “Happy Customer”. No body is reading your novel, I just read the last sentence and I think Ashy has more unhappy customers than happy customers and therefore it is very likely that she ISNT going to be very successful, just like a fad-diet = it isn’t realistic and her growing unhappy fans IS going to stop her success esp when her scamming business and paid product is being shared around the nation :)

      • So bitter and hostile for a “Happy Customer”. The way she’s going off, she probably is a promo whore for Ashy Bines. I love that Ashy’s “Eating Guidelines” are spreading like wildfire through friends and not actually being bought. Karma’s a b*tch.

        “She NEVER claimed to be a nutritionist and it’s your fault if you assumed she was” -meaning; it’s your fault for being mislead and scammed.

        Sorry but Ive read and bought several plans, ashy bine’s plan was written by a 5 year old. You get over it dear!

  7. I tell you what…
    There is a lot of hate there…
    Why would you take it SO personally if this does or does not work.
    For the results I have seen, It Works.
    So what if a similar styled plan is on the net…
    Name a diet that isnt…
    As for her being registered.. who cares…..
    She has changed people lived for the better… why do people always look for the devil in everything..

    • Exactly! The plan works, I have seen thousands of people it has worked wonders on including myself. And of course it’s information that’s on the internet because EVERYTHING known to man is on the internet these days!!! People obviously just believe everything they read without thinking about it first. I feel sorry for those people as they won’t get very far in life :)

  8. hey pissed off person^^ would you be able to email me the plan if u still have it, i really want to know what all the fuss is about…. in my opinion i think it’s a load of crap but im willing to try to see if it works but dont have the $$ lol

    • The plan can be viewed here:

      I didn’t buy the plan, I lost 70kg by eating well and training hard and educating myself. A friend bought the plan and showed me and I was disgusted that she actually paid money for it.

      Ashy does not do anything for society except create Ashy clones with eating disorders. She has no clue about how to run a business.. The Michelle Bridges 12WBT is amazing. Not once have I ever seen any catty remarks in the forum or on the facebook page. While you may question Michelle’s qualifications, not that the program is Copyright © 2012 12WBT Pty Ltd so yes it’s her name on the brand but I am sure there is a team of QUALIFIED NUTRITIONIST creating these meal plans and not googling ‘Clean Eating’, copying and pasting, calling it a ‘plan’ when it’s simply guidelines stolen from someone else.

      Wake up people! Do not support this woman! You are getting ripped off!! Why pay $70 when all this information is available for FREE off other websites!

  9. Thanks to the plan, I regained my eating disorder and was almost hospitalized after taking half the recommended dose of a recommended supplement.

    If you are interested in clean eating, there are much better, free resources on the Internet. Including forums that are well moderated, where people don’t call each other fat or make them feel guilty for having the wrong type of vinegar on their salad.

  10. Oh, and the stuff on the ‘hater’ page is real. I know many of the women and their stories, including my own.

  11. ive been taking part in the ashy bine bikini challange , i cannot praise this woman enough . she has taught countless girls the value of INNER HEALTH and how to have a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE . girls of various ages , shapes , sizes and fitness levels not to focus on weight or what your scales say .
    i have seen girls become more confident and challange themselfs and their friends to eat healthy and keep fit . i know aleast 7 girl who have quit smoking , how is this bad ?
    ive yet to hear one girl be bullied or harrased . Ashy has become sucessful in inspiring ppl to get healthy , so why do you bully her ? this is petty and we should be praising her because she is doing young australians proud ! when was the last time we had a young girl take on the world and won like this …
    if this is a so called cult then im happy to be a part of it , THANK YOU ASHY you have changed my life and i will continue with your diet and trainings

  12. I have brought the Clean eating plan and love it, Ashy never said this was a diet, it was a life style change. She never scammed anyone into buying something it wasnt, she said what it was and mades clear that it was a clean eating plan and a life style change. She has got nutritionist that support her plan, and has more and more people offering support for her every day.
    This woman has only helped woman get confidence back in them selves. Why is this such a bad thing, people who dont believe in it fine thats your opinion, but instead of wasting your time being so negative why not focus your energy on something more productive, thats all Ashy has done, she has given women of all ages and sizes confidence and support to get the body we all dream of.
    She has a great work out bikini body challenge at all major cities in Australia. If you dont like it, leave it alone. As for the person talking about A current affair chasing after her, really Ashy is not some scam artist who has lied about cancer and taken money from strangers, she has offered women support, she never lied about what you were getting for your money, there for never scamming anyone.
    Do you people who have so many bad things to say about this have nothing better to do with your lives, are you that miserable with your own that you have to bag other people out. I have seen some amazing results and how confident women have become from this.
    Like all diets or plans it works for some people and others it doesnt, that being because people cheat, or dont follow the plan or diet properly

    get over your miserable lives

    • Agree completely, she never lied about anything. She always said that she was selling WHAT SHE DOES to have the body she has.

      Why can’t people just be happy that it works…
      If she plagiarised it then i’m sure she’ll get into shit for it eventually but to be honest I don’t care because it has worked for me!

  13. Happy customer you accuse everybody else of being stupid because “it works” but you are obviously too stupid to firstly read and then to comprehend what people are saying.
    The advice may or may not be good but it’s been shown she plagiarized it. She is stealing other peoples work and claiming it; SCAM.
    They said the plan offered lifetime 24/7 support and they are not able to access the “forum”; SCAM
    People have been charged multiple times for the product and have not been able to contact any admin for a refund; SCAM
    People have been charged more than the quoted price without explanation; SCAM
    The plan offered direct contact and answers from Ashy and she simply tells them to google the answer; SCAM
    and finally she was charging GST when she didn’t even have an ABN; SCAM

    It’s likely you either work for, know, or are Ashy Bines so stop trying to cloud the debate with your crap and dribble

    • Well said, GetReal.
      ‘Happy Customer’ you do sound uncannily like Miss Bines, or one of her minions.
      Perhaps you’re not…just an observation.
      For a ‘customer’ who is supposedly ‘happy’, forgive me for pointing put that you seem to have your knickers in quite a twist and your diatribe reads much like Ashy (but with slightly better usage of spellcheck).
      It doesn’t really matter who you are, unless you ARE in fact Miss Bines… in which case I advise you to stop, and listen to what your customers are actually livid about.
      Miss Bines has contravened the law and taken money for hot air. The accusation that she is running a scam has nothing to do with the fact that some women may lose weight following part of the product’s guidelines– the accusation has its basis in the deviation from the law in her business dealings to the detriment of countless, and for failing to produce the advertised product so, Happy Customer, the paltry counter-argument questioning how something can be a scam if it works, is completely irrelevant.

      One simply cannot run their business any damn way they like…there are laws which govern business practice. Operate in disregard of those laws, and you’ll pay a price. Wilfully withholding part or all of your advertised product from a paying customer is grounds for legal action, regardless of positive/negative outcome from said product, complete or partial (and this is only one of several transgressions for which Miss Bines and associates stand guilty).
      I’m afraid Miss Bines and associates have much legal action coming their way, and with sound reason and solid cases. The lesson here is not to discourage young entrepreneurial spirit and drive…the lesson is learn your legislation and conduct business accordingly.

    • I am not Ashy, nor do I work for her or know her. I just find it frustrating that people are saying it’s a scam. It is a plan that works and I am aware that she could run her business a lot better and feel for the people who have had problems accessing the forum/paying twice and whatnot but that does not change the fact that the plan – despite the flaws in business – actually does work and is very easy to stick to.

      Scam is definitely the wrong word for what’s happening with her business. Poorly run business is a better choice of words and I think that if those words were used rather than scam I wouldn’t have reacted so strongly. I just think it’s unfair to call this a scam when she isn’t taking peoples money and just running away with it – there is a forum, there is a plan and the money doesn’t get you nothing. When I think of scam I think of something a lot worse than what’s going on here. The reality is that her plan is changing peoples lives despite it being plagiarised and whatever else people are saying about it so I hardly think it can be called a scam.

      She was never charging GST without an ABN, she was running her business as a sole trader before it became ABBBC (she posted about that on the forum a while ago).

      YES, she needs to run her business A LOT better. YES, her advertising is probably a bit exaggerated (but isn’t all advertising). and YES, a lot of people have had problems with the forum.

      But scam definitely isn’t the right word to be used.

  14. To “unhappy customer” – 1. check your own spelling (and grammar) before you critique something. 2. From what I have seen, on both the “hate” forums and the support forums, it is clear that what Bines is selling is a complete package which, in a nutshell is advice and support on how to attain a body that one is happy with. With respect to the “diet”, I think Bines is advocating healthy eating and proper exercise – in order to lose weight, all one needs to do is look at all food as energy. If your energy input is LESS than your energy output, physics says you cannot help but lose weight! Bines also runs training sessions where customers get encouragement and specific exercises to do which encourages retention of muscle mass in favour of loss of excess fat. It is important to remember that your body finds it easier to break down muscle in order to obtain energy than fat – hence the need for exercise/training. Additionally, it is important to realise that our bodies have two main types of fat – “white” fat and “brown” fat – it’s the brown fat that is harder to shed because the body holds that fat as a last resort in case the energy input is too low. This is also why those 3-day diets, or the lemon juice diets etc., work- for a while. But then, when you go back to a regular, even healthier diet, because your body has been starved of nutrition during the time of that diet, it has shifted into what is known as “starvation” mode – and lots of the energy you take in goes straight back to the fat stores. Result – the weight you have lost goes back on, plus a bit. And, if you haven’t been doing the correct type of exercise, you will have lost muscle mass which takes a a lot of effort to replace.
    So for $69, plus whatever it costs for the training sessions, I think you get a pretty good value for money. It may be that those who have not done very well on the Bines course have expected not to have to do a lot to get the results Bines shows on her website. I do know of a couple of people who have bought the diet PLUS bought into the training sessions, and have had excellent results. However the degree of result sits squarely with the person doing the work – and that is NOT Bines – it is the person who bought the plan. If you don’t put the effort in, then you won’t get the result you want. Do I know what I’m talking about? Yep – I’ve been an athlete for decades – retired from national and international hockey a couple of years ago, and sports medicine is my personal interest and specialty.
    Remember three things – energy in MUST be LESS than energy out in order to lose size (or weight); $69 is a cappuchino a day for two weeks – not a lot is it; and $50 or so per month for the training sessions (as I understand the cost is) is about the cost of one main and a dessert in a reasonable restaurant on the Gold Coast. So the outlay for the potential results, given that one gets off one’s backside and actually gets out there in the cold and does the physical work is pretty cheap?

  15. Sportsperson,
    Before you criticize others for poor spelling and grammar, make sure your own is perfect. “Pretty cheap” is not correct application of adjectives within the english language and “cappuchino” really?

  16. i didn’t buy the “plan” through her, i got it on ebay ;) it ranges from $5.00 to $15.00 max. I have lost 84 kg’s back when i was 18 (i am 28 today) weight loss isn’t new to me, i had a lot of conflicting thoughts. I disagree with the lack of professionalism, if you’re going to do up a diet for women, at least make sure the spelling is correct. you’re paying $70 odd bucks for something that isn’t a plan. a lot of it is common sense. i don’t doubt it works, anyone who has been on a diet over the years and with any brain knows it is common sense. but you don’t see me typing up a poorly spelled “plan” and making money off it. i think it is unethical and wrong to do so. if she had a daily plan set upi, with a menu etc i think it may be some vaule for money, but she didn’t. i also think it is dodgy she does not refund people, had no abn, abuses people and blocks people who dare question her, makes her look a bit guilty no? she should answer questions to people who dare to not have her way of thinking and behave like an adult. i think weightloss is a touchy thing, vulnerable woman will believe anything to lose weight. but all you need to believe in is yourself ladies, you can do anything you put your mind too and it doesn’t need to cost us hundereds of dollars to do so. woman should support woman, not bitch at them and attack them xxx

  17. 100% scam. If you read the FAQ carefully it actually TELLS you that this plan does NOT work. It makes you look good and that’s it. As soon as you stop eating that way, it’ll come back at you. What an obscene waste of money!

    • “as soon as you stop eating that way, it’ll come back at you”
      Wow, what an idiotic thing to say.
      If you stop eating healthy and starting eating crap again of course you’ll put the weight back on. Eating healthy doesn’t make you immune from getting fat if you eat crappy foods!

      I can’t believe how stupid some people are. Did you even think about that before you wrote it. Wow.

      • Where did I say “crap”? Oh that’s right, I didn’t. Read between the lines. As long as you eat 700 calories a day, you will look like that. As soon as you start eating like a normal person and not an anorexic, your “skinny” will turn into “fat”. Did you not read that? And you’re calling me stupid? Wow.

      • I am on her plan and eat over 1300 calories a day and have been losing 1kg + a week with no exercise and no supplements. I hardly call 1300+ calories eating “like an anorexic”. It’s not a diet so you shouldn’t be going back to “eating normally” and therefore won’t put the weight back on.

        Yes I am calling you stupid, and you have just proven how right I am. Oh, I’m sorry…you are right! Eating 5 meals a day is exactly what a person with Anorexia does, i’m sorry, you are just SO smart.

      • Actually if you speak to a nutritionist

        That’s below what calorie intake you should be having.

        Take your plan past a nutritionist they will laugh at you

        Ashy bines customers have now been getting refunds this woman and her goose of a man are being investigated.

        Also to the people claiming she is qualified go watch the today tonight interview she did where she states out of her own mouth that’s she HAS NO NUTRITIONAL EDUCATION OR AUTHORITY TO WRITE AND SELL SUCH A PRODUCT!!!!

  18. Ashy has 2 nutritionists backing her plan and there have been many, many women who have taken the plan to a nutritionist and it has been approved. A girl I have spoken to was borderline diabetic before she started Ashys plan and her doctor said doing the plan saved her from diabetes. Yeah it’s definitely such a horrible thing, I don’t know how I couldn’t see that! How can eating healthy meals 5 times a day be bad for you. You are hilarious.

    She is not a nutritionist, she never said she was. She is selling what works for her which also happens to work for thousands of other people. Michelle Bridges has a diet program yet she isn’t a nutritionist, she has a qualification as a personal trainer just like Ashy and that’s it but she’s still selling her program, hers has been looked over and approved by nutritionists…just like Ashys, So would you say the same things about her? There are thousands upon thousands of people out there without qualifications in nutrition who have written and sold their own diet plan/guide. Ashy was smart enough to do the same. Yes, they need better business skills and if you were arguing that their business is crap then I agree. But the plan works despite their crappy attempt at a business.

  19. These nutritionists were brought on the pay roll the same week the shit hit the fan.

    That’s fine that’s she helped a woman. The planets also the cause of a miscarriage in one women and almost death in another.

    It’s unfortunate that you are only seeing what you want

    The results are extreme because this diet is unhealthy.

    I’m glad your happy.

    But that doesn’t excuse the misinformation being given.

    So you you agree with ashy that lettuce is high in sugar? Do the nutritionists because as a chemical breakdown that’s just not true!!!

    Talk to me in a few years when either a your kidneys have failed due to a prolonged high protein diet or you have blown out due to returning to a recommended average intake.

    Until then go ask a professional who is not being paid by them.

    • And also it’s actually unethical and illegal for a person without nutritional qualifications to sell a eating guide or plan – this why the accc is currently investigating.

      Will you continue to defend her after they are shut down.

      This isn’t the first time ashy has been invoked with shady dealings she was fired from bilo for thieft she is a bad person who is taking advantage of women who will pay.

      For some like me it’s not about not achieving results I came across this while looking to up my fitness fit January’s tough mudder.

      It’s about the fact that this diet would have killed a person like me with bad kidneys running in our family – even my urologist who is a qualified nutritionist has reported her to the AMA

      Don’t just go by what your told look into things and do a separate investigation

  20. I agree 100% $69.00 not really a lot to fork. Def not a scam. I really hope Ashy and team take that page to court. I love it enjoy and am losing weight. Its a guideline and a good one.

  21. I’m always a bit disappointed when I read comments from catty women dragging other women down…seriously girls, you can do a lot better than that.
    Anyway I agree with one of the commenters above that ‘scam’ is incorrect/too strong a word. Sure, I agree that the business could be run with a hell of a lot more professionalism and I agree it can improve vastly in many areas. But at the same time, I think it is what it is, exactly what Ashy has described it as. It is basically what SHE eats to get her body and I think the women who have bought it and been upset with it somehow expected more. We all want a quick fix, a perfect solution to getting a banging body but somehow, despite EVERYONE knowing that it just takes HARD WORK and HEALTHY EATING, we fall into traps and buying into things that seem too easy and good to be true and cry that ‘it didn’t work!’.
    Most women who are complaining about this plan could be focusing their energy elsewhere, the truth is the plan has worked for thousands of women, and the fact that it has empowered so many women and given them such confidence and happiness in themselves makes it worth so much more than the $69 anyone has shelled. For those of you who did pay that, please remember to take it with a grain of salt and common sense, no program or solution is ‘perfect’, fits everyone and will just ‘work’, especially if you have specific health conditions; you should know that.

    ANYWAY, i’m so sorry about the rant but Charlie, I really liked reading your post, a about and I’m so happy to hear about your ‘transformation’; it’s really heartwarming. And you look like a complete bombshell, IMHO.

  22. Wow. Phew. I popped back in here and see that so much energy has been spent from ‘Happy Customer’ on defending a business enterprise she openly agrees is ‘crap’ and ‘poorly run’.

    Have your comments been purchased by Bines and Evans? (Being that buying comments and ‘likes’, most recently from poor Indian and Bengali folk, is now their preferred modus operandi in laughable attempts to make their support base appear as if it is growing and not receding.)

    Why not just be ‘happy’, ‘Happy Customer’? Happy that you are achieving your personal aims, albeit inspired and aided by the most unprofessional, dubious product. Be happy that you didn’t pay your hard-earned money for a lofty promise and fail to receive the product at all, as so many women have. Be happy that you haven’t been stalked, your privacy invaded, and harassed by Mr Evans on the most ridiculous of suspicions, as so many women have. Be happy that you don’t seem bothered that you paid money for absolute hogwash a Year 5 could have improved upon.

    (Also: the definition of ‘scam’ or any other word for that matter is not defined by how you see it in your ‘mind’. It is defined by the dictionary, and if it is used in legal terminology, which it is, it is defined by the meaning the law assigns to it.)

    Bines and Evans are swindlers. Quit wasting your energy defending them (a pert defence team will do that in court), go forth and BE ‘happy’!

  23. Pingback: Ashy Bines Controversy – Part 2 (Peace) |

  24. So does this mean I can plagiarize Ashy Bines diet plan and sell it for profit and hope no one will get angry, upset or hurt @happy customer? Because if that’s the case everyone should just google stuff, maybe copy a few things off her site, hire a nutritionist and sell it :D YAY we can all be rich and go on holidays yay :D

  25. I am 3 weeks in and loving it! to get the full results u have to put the effort in! i am 3 weeks in now and LOVE my group sessions and my trainers! The facebook group for our particular area is amazing and at only 37.50 a week for 3 sessions and the plan i am very ver happy!

  26. I used to think ashy bines was inspirational but then I realised how rude and fake she actually is. She tells people not to listen to their doctors on her Instagram page and frankly it’s disgusting how much people idolise her. She has absolutely no qualifications and has profited of selling the basic concept of exercising and eating a lot of vegetables to people, my mum has been telling me that since I could talk. As for her banging body, she has always been skinny she showed before and after photos of her being unhealthy and eating Maccas to her being on her clean eating diet and on both photos she has a great body she’s just a little more toned now. Michelle bridges actually knows her shit so pick her because she will give you solutions for the rest of your life.

  27. I have been looking into Ashy Bines’ plan before purchasing it. There a few things I’d like to say, first of all I’m sure as many of you said a lot of this is common sense, or that you could get from a Women’s Health Magazine, as well as picking up Tosca Reno’s Clean Eating which is very successful, affordable, & been around for awhile. So why would you whine and nag like mindless animals when you say “It was all common sense, waste of money, ect.”?. You know when you purchase it, that she is not a doctor or anything of the sort. I can’t help but shake my head at all the people who expect a miracle when they buy weight loss merchandise. It takes health eating and exercise, we have known this for AGES but we are lazy and want some secret to do the work for us. Investing into something like Ashy Bines would perhaps be motivating if you aren’t aware of a clean eating lifestyle, she may have tips and tricks that she has found successful for her over the years, and spending the money will make you more likely to stick to it. I agree that the $70 is a little steep for some PDF documents with poor grammar, but its no more than a 1 month gym membership. Also, she looks amazing, and she is positive and sweet on her FB posts that I’ve seen, great role model! Maybe she hasn’t properly conducted her business affairs, which is scary for the potential customer, however I wouldn’t go as far as calling her a fraud, I mean have you ever tried starting your own business? There are SO many things to follow, and someone is always trying to tag you for any little mistake you make, so let it go and let Ashy deal with that crap. She seems to have compiled what tools and info has worked on into a tool box to share with women around the world. Last time I checked developing all these videos and things takes time, a lot of time, which costs money! She may not be right on everything but she has done a decent job it seems at helping women lay a foundation for a healthier life, and now you are bashing this?! No wonder women feel like shi%t about themselves, all we do is bring each other down. & now all you ladies are complaining that she is fake and probably goes on vacations, blah blah blah. Are you joking?! You’re telling me that if you put your hardwork in with a day job and then a night job and were successful you wouldnt get your hair or nails done or enjoy a vacation? HAHAHA you are the biggest hypocrites of all! I mean you sit here bringing someone down, because you think she should make this more affordable for all women and help women ect. yet you are presenting yourselves as the opposite kind of women. Good job, and good luck on the weight loss ladies.

  28. I purchased me the Total Body and Health Transformation program from as it’s about improving your health for life and as an added bonus you lose weight. It really is packed with some amazing insights into foods that I thought were good for me but actually are not. It has opened up my eyes! It has complete 7 day meals plans for both meat eaters and vego’s including complete recipes with images for all of them, shopping lists for both and covers everything from goal setting to self-esteem. It also has complete exercise plans for indoor, out door and gymnasium exercises so no matter where you are you can exercise. To me the Total Body and Health Transformation program is worth it’s weight in gold as I feel amazing and looking great!

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